Saturday, May 30, 2009

Glorious Gardening

Today was a glorious day for gardening! I got all of my pepper plants in the ground and my onions. I put some well aged compost in the holes of the pepper plants. Hopefully it won't be too much nitrogen and give me only beautiful plants and few peppers.

Tomorrow we'll be putting up some woven wire and planting the tomatoes. No tomato cages to be found here so we're using what we have on hand. The nice thing will be, once we have it up, we can leave it there forever.

I'm going to try to plant a small patch of peas and see if they will grow well even though I should have planted them quite a while ago. There's nothing I like better about gardening than eating fresh picked peas. Do I have to bring some to the house? :-)

My seven year old is excited to plant some corn tommorow. I told her that she could sell it at the farmers market. I should get a lot of mileage with that. She'll be keeping the weeds well picked so her corn can grow big and tall! I'll teach her how to bag the ears and do hand pollinating so we can save seeds for next year.