Monday, May 25, 2009

Sustainable farming at Grace Haven Acres

Welcome to the beginning of our farm's blogging adventure.
Grace Haven Acres is a small farmette located in the beautiful unglaciated hills of Southwestern Wisconsin.

We practice sustainable farming methods to improve our soil and our environment. Composting, cover crops and crop rotation are the three Cs we utilize to achieve our goal of being sustainable. We do not use the three chemical cides:pesticides, herbacides or fungicides.
Our goal is to improve our soil each year and to increase the health and depth of our topsoil. Another goal is to provide nutrient dense produce that will provide people with nourishment and not just a full belly. Real Food for Real People is our motto along with Healthy soil=Healthy plants=Healthy people

We currently have a small flock of purebred Border Leicester sheep that rotationally graze on our pastures. I'll be talking more about them on one of our other blogs:

We also are starting a small flock of Speckled Sussex Chickens that won't be ready to lay eggs for some time. Welsummer chickens are another breed that I would like to get some day. They lay some of the darkest eggs you've ever seen.

We have a very limited amount of lamb for sale each year. We can take orders to raise meat chickens and turkeys for you for your eating pleasure. Our poultry is pastured poultry and they are moved to a fresh salad bar each day. They also get to enjoy fresh caught worms that our children find for them to eat. The children find it very amusing to see a chicken with a worm in its mouth running around trying to keep the others from snatching the worm from its mouth.

Our first chickens will be available in six weeks. Be sure reserve your birds with a downpayment.

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